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First thing to do after creating a new VPS server: setup deploy user and enable SSH-key authentication only

0) If after creating a VPS server you received a root user password, it’s recommended to change it. To do it, login to the server as root and type $ passwd command. Save a new root password somewhere so you will not forget it.

1) Create on the remote server a deploy user:

# on the server, as a root user

$ adduser deploy
$ adduser deploy sudo

2) Make sure that you can login to the server as a deploy user without password prompt:

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Increase readability of your bash scripts using functions

You can find it very obvious, but there are tons of bash scripts out there written very badly.

People often forget that Bash actually a programming language. And just like JavaScript, Python, Ruby, GoLang and many others languages, Bash language has functions.

Let’s check simple bash function which prints green string taken as an argument:

logger() {
  local GREEN="\033[1;32m"
  local NC="\033[00m"

  echo -e "${GREEN}Logger: $1 ${NC}"

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