Capistrano: automatically check if remote origin updated before deploy

Sometimes I forget to push local commits to the remote repository before $ bundle exec cap production deploy.

It is possible to check the git status before command, and if there are uncommited and/or unpushed changes, abort the deploy command.

Just add following capistrano task to the lib/capistrano/tasks/deploy_git_uptodate_check.rake file:

# lib/capistrano/tasks/deploy_git_uptodate_check.rake

namespace :deploy do
  desc "Check if origin master synced with local repository before deploy"
  task :git_uptodate_check do
    if !`git status --short`.empty?
      raise "Please commit your changes first"
    elsif `git remote`.empty?
      raise "Please add remote origin repository to your repo first"
    elsif !`git rev-list master...origin/master`.empty?
      raise "Please push your commits to the remote origin repo first"

before "deploy", "deploy:git_uptodate_check"

All is done!